What are the types of accounting applications available? How to choose the best available solution?

Online accounting software are basically categorized based on the modules they have and the businesses they serve.

Some of the different modules present on the online accounting and bookkeeping platforms are:

  • Managing household budgets and expenses
  • Billing/Invoice processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions
  • Tax transactions
  • Stock/Inventory management
  • Integrated management information management
Choosing best online accounting software!

How to choose the best available online accounting solution?

Using any one or combination of the multiple modules, the software serves businesses of different types:

  1. Personal Accounting Software

Personal Accounting Software is useful to update and monitor all your household income and expenditures, like bank accounts details, expenses, budgets and other household income and expenditure

  1. Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software are easy-to-use as less accounting and bookkeeping knowledge is enough. They are mostly used for performing basic functions like managing and reporting details on income and expenses of sales, receipts, payments and purchases. Only basic modules will be present like invoice processing, accounts receivable and accounts payable transaction, etc

  1. Medium Business Accounting Software

Medium-sized businesses will require professional level financial management solutions to meet growing financial, operational, and acceptance requirements. Therefore the accounting software will meet the needs accordingly with the modules present and will have the feature to expand itself with the business operations

  1. Large Corporation Business Accounting Software

Enterprise accounting software meets complex needs. It will offer a complete accounting system that has the option of integrating your accounting and bookkeeping processes with the rest of your business functions. It should allow multiple users from different departments access the system. It helps you in Compliance management and make sure the standards are met.

Based on the requirement of the modules and the size of your business, you need to choose your online business accounting software.

What is the one you are using and why you chose it? Share your thoughts and ideas!


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