Get Free Voice-over for your Video!

You want to create a video to be included in your website where a voice over is required explaining a product, service or anything, for that matter. Can you afford for a Voice over professional to do the audio for your intro video being a small business? If your answer is ‘Yes, I can’, please retreat from reading this.

If you can’t afford paying a video creation company and sound recording studio for your website video? This is for you, at least the voice over part.

Though this is not the perfect and professional solution, this is the free(economic) option to get Voice-over done for you video or just to simply create a free audio file for your website/presentation/document.  Free Video Voice over

Free online Text To Speech (TTS) websites/software!

Yes, you can use online TTS services to get your voice-over done and integrate it with your video.You don’t exactly get the voice over done, but you get the voice done which is the priciest part. There are Free Video creation and Voice-Over Tools to add voice to your video like Animoto.

There are a lot of sites offer TTS but most of them don’t offer download audio file. What good is it if you can’t download and use it? Below I’ve listed the Free online Text To Speech services that gives you the text to voice as downloadable file. –

This is by far the best free service that you can use to do your Voice over.

You have

  • 7 languages for which you can create the audio from text;
  • 6 different voices for US English and 2, male and female, voices for other lanaguages except Arabic for which you can do only Male voice;
  • 4 speed level variations at which the text will be spoken

Go to the website, simply paste the text in the box, choose your required options and click ‘Create Audio File’

You will be forwarded to the next page where you can see the link to ‘Download audio file’.

You can play the file before you download just to make sure everything is fine. –

This is a similar website with

  • 1 Language
  • 4 Voice types
  • 10 Volume levels

Go to website, Enter your text, Select voice type, Volume Scale and Click ‘Convert Text to Speech’

Just below the ‘Convert Text to Speech’ the audio will be available as MP3 File – To save the file, right click the link and choose “Save link as” and name/save it.

There is no option to hear audio before download. The audio file wasn’t as good as the former. No speed level variation.

Listen –

This has only female voice and no other options. 100 characters limit to the text.
You can hear it before downloading. You can put small chunks of text and download them as individual files.

Do you know of any other options to convert Text to Speech or other Video Voice over options?


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