‘Monitor Not in Range’ Error message and Solution

Have you come across the error message ‘Monitor Not in Range’ or ‘Signal Out of Range’ or any other similar message?

That means you tried connecting a new monitor to your CPU or tried changing the display settings.

This is because the signal from the video/display card settings that you have chosen exceeds the range of the monitor or display settings are high for your new monitor. Incompatibility issue.

How do you resolve it?

Do not panic. The solution seems to be very simple compared to the issue.

  1. Restart your Windows machine in Safe Mode
    • Press F8 while the system is booting
    • Go to Safe Mode(Press arrow key) and press Enter
  2. Change the System display settings
    • Once restarted, Right Click on desktop
    • Go to Properties -> Settings -> advanced
    • Change to the setting that works.
  3. Restart in Normal mode.

This process is explained at the Microsoft Support SiteNew Monitor Shows Garbled Display or a ‘Signal Out of Range’ Error Message When Computer Starts


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