Latest Docomo USSD Codes – How to check Docomo Prepaid balance India?

It was discussed on How to check Aircel Prepaid balance? earlier. This post is to explain on how to do it on Tata Docomo: Unlike Aircel, Docomo’s option to check balance and validity is different. There are direct codes for a specific action OR Just dial *191# and you get a list:

  1. VAS : Value Added Services – Dial *191*1#  to get a list of active Value Added Services.
  2. Balance Enquiry – Dial *191*2#  to get the balance. How to check Tata Docomo Balance?
  3. Online Recharge Information – Dial *191*3#  to get the online Recharge URL and information.
  4. Last 3 recharge history – Alternatively Dial *191*4#  to get a list of the last 3 recharges done for your Tata Docomo Prepaid.
  5. Status of free usage(pool Balance ) – You receive an SMS with the following details: Special account Balance, Available GPRS Balance, Local Talktime, SMS total free, STD and ISD minutes. Alternatively Dial *191*5#  to get the same. How to check Tata Docomo Special Account Balance?
  6. Start / Stop – Alternatively Dial *191*6#  to Start/Activate or Stop any service or pack.
  7. Service Request – Alternatively Dial *191*7#  and 1 to Raise a Service request or 2 to check status of existing Service Request
  8. More options

All the options will be discussed in detail on the forthcoming post… [Update] Latest Docomo USSD Codes – How to check Docomo Prepaid balance India? CONTD.  Meanwhile below is the list:

  1. Customer Preference
  2. Home Zone Locations
  3. Daily SMS Count
  4. DATA
  5. CALL
  6. Prepaid Bill Request
  7. Edit & Add Account Details
  8. Special Offers
  9. More options
  1. Black out days – You can then choose the State and the list of Blackout days on the State.
  2. Self Unbarring

Stay with me to know more details about the options above! Comment if you have tried any of the above options and share the results…


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