Recruitment Fraud – How to find and stay away?

Recruitment fraud has become a common fraud online. Many people fall prey for this. I recently received an email and would like to share more.

What is a recruitment fraud?

An email or any such communication offering job opportunities in well known companies or MNCs. These are via online services like Fraudulent websites, or to be official emails from the known companies; also includes presenting abroad opportunities.

Company logo will be promptly used. Do not fall for that.

How to find Fraudulent emails?

The frauds will ask for complete information via recruitment documentation like application forms, terms and conditions of employment or visa forms

Personal information such as address details, date of birth, CV, passport details, bank details, address, phone number, etc. will be asked.

From address will not contain the original domain of the company. For example, the email is from whereas is not a valid website address. They normally use free web-based e-mail accounts like Yahoo!, Gmail, Live, AIM, etc.

Most IMPORTANTLY, they will ask you to deposit money before the interview as a safe deposit, processing fees or something similar.

There will be an urge created to pay the money.

What to do?

The best thing is to ignore and stay away. Do not Contact them or pay money.

Report to the related company and officials.

Lottery Fraud:

This is another scam where you will be said that you have won a huge sum of money randomly. Please note that many of the companies are busy in their verticals and do not run such a lottery.

If you have been notified that you have won a large sum of money in an online prize lottery you should assume that notification is fraudulent.

How am I targeted?

If you

  • have a resume posted online
  • shared your email publicly
  • have anonymous friends online
  • any means that make your contact information public is risky.

Source of this blog is based on some of the companies’ messages against Fraudulent Recruitment:

BP – Recruitment Fraud

Maruti Suzuki – Warning on Fraudulent Recruitment

Tata Motors – Job seekers Alert!

L&T – Image

Almost all the companies have these alerts and warnings.

Stay Away! Stay Safe!

Please share it with as much people as possible and get them saved from SCAMS.


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