Hello World!!!
My name is Gopu Palanisamy and I’m entering the Blog world.

Officially, I’m the Business Development and Operations Team Lead at SocialNetGate. I’m helping the operations team to deliver the client with the best possible social media services. SocialNetGate is a one stop solution to Social Media Management. Simply put, it is a platform to manage your brand/business social media campaigns. Check my LinkedIn profile here

Personally, I’m one of the 2 sons of dear-loved parents; married to a lovely lady; father of a baby angel. Check my Personal Profile here

I’ve started this blog to share my noteworthy experiences that could help others in some cases, be it products/services experience, or personal life/travel experience; my personal opinion on politics, economics,etc. or tips on using internet services, and more of whatever I’d share in real life. You know, the real meaning of social has been lost somewhere in the woods with this Online Revolution and I’m going with the wind using Internet to be social.

I’ve been reading a number of blogs regularly and thought of having this. At college life, we used to share moments with our friends and I take this blog as a similar opportunity. I’m in to social media and my blogs might be more of that experience. If you are interested in social media (tips, updates and more…), check out SocialNetGate’s blog.

Please share your feedback on how to take this forward.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Thanks Gopupalanisamy for sharing your knowledge. It is very useful especially regarding the mobile companies where getting the requited right information is a tedious task,. Thanks a lot.

    • You are welcome, Agnes. I’ve been going through a lot of hurdles myself so started this blog. Whenever I find a solution that is needed day-to-day, I’ll post it here.
      Thank you for taking the time to appreciate.

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