Latest BSNL USSD Codes to check Validity and Balance

Check the following USSD codes to know the Validity date of your Rate Cutters, Data Balance, Minutes Balance, Seconds Balance and more.

USSD Code: *124*1#
BSNL USSD code to know

BSNL USSD code to know Main Account Balance and Expiry Date

Gp1 validity
Gp2 validity

BSNL USSD code to know What plan you have subscribed to like Nesam Gold

Get details of all the STVs you are Subscribed :


BSNL USSD code to know Local Minutes left,

BSNL USSD code to know STD Minutes left,

BSNL USSD code to know On-net Voice calls Minute,

BSNL USSD code to know Off-net Voice call minutes,

BSNL USSD code to know Video call minutes,

BSNL USSD code to know Local Seconds Left,

BSNL USSD code to know STD Seconds left,

BSNL USSD code to know 3G Data balance,

BSNL USSD code to know ISD Validity,

BSNL USSD code to know SMS Balance,

BSNL USSD code to know SMS Validity,

BSNL USSD code to know 3G Data Validity

Details of your Last Call: Call Type, Call Cost, Call Duration, Call Time, Called Number, Call Volume.

Call Record Details for more than one calls. If you keep dialing 1 more details of the previous calls will be received. Dial 1 for more or 0 to exit

Below are the USSD codes with no valid results.



Thank you for a Wonderful 2014 & a Happy New Year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for My blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. My blog was viewed about 190,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 8 days for that many people to see it.

I’d like to take this opportunity for all the viewers and audience to make this blog wonderful in 2014. I’d try to come up with more useful and interesting content in 2015!

Wishing Happy New Year to you all! May you get the best in all in the coming year!


Click here to see the complete report.

Transfer balance from your Tata Docomo number!

How to transfer existing balance from your Tata Docomo number to another number?

As a Tata Docomo BuddyNet member, you can share your balance with your friends on Tata Docomo Prepay at a nominal daily rent of 60p/day(for BuddyNet Subscription). There are more benefits of using BuddyNet. Check them at

Transfer Tata Docomo Balance to another number

Process of Transfer & Charges

  • To transfer Balance, a Tata Docomo BuddyNet member needs to send an SMS to 54321 in this format “BT <Space> Target Mobile Number <Space> Amount”
  • For instance, To transfer Rs. 50 from your balance to 9030099999, type in “BT 9030099999 50”
  • You will receive a Transaction ID via SMS for reference.
  • To reverse the amount, you need to type “RBT <Space> Transaction ID” and SMS it to 54321
  • Each balance transfer SMS to 54321 will be charged at Re.1 and reversal SMS will be Toll Free.

* Tata Docomo BuddyNet Members can transfer their Talktime to their Tata Docomo prepay buddies
* Balance Transfer is possible only from Tata Docomo BuddyNet Members, to any Tata Docomo prepay customer

Terms & Conditions

* The sender’s account balance before “Balance Transfer” should be: Transfer Amount + Rs.1. In case of insufficient balance, the transfer will be declined. However, the SMS will be charged
* In case of Reversals, the amount reversed will be dependent on the balance available with the recipient
* The system will recognize “BT” or “bt” or “Bt”

How to gift a recharge to another number from your Tata Docomo number for free?

As a Tata Docomo BuddyNet member, you can Gift a Recharge to your friends on Tata Docomo Prepay.

Process of Gifting & Charges

  • To Gift a recharge, a Tata Docomo BuddyNet Member needs to type “Gift Target Mobile Number Gift a recharge amount” and SMS it to 54321
  • For instance, to gift the Rs. 11 pack to 9030099999. The sender needs to type ” Gift 9030099999 11″ and send the SMS to 54321.
  • There will be no deduction for the SMS sent. Only Rs.11 will be deducted from the sender’s balance
  • The recipient of the Gift Recharge will receive an SMS intimating the same


  • Tata Docomo BuddyNet Members can Gift any kind of recharge voucher (SMS, Talktime, GPRS et al) they like, resulting in the value being credited with 30 days validity.
  • For instance, gifting Rs. 11/- worth of SMS Recharge will result in 1000 Local SMS credited in the friend’s account with 30 days validity.
  • There is no limit to the number of Gift a recharge Transactions Tata Docomo BuddyNet Members can make in a day.

Terms & Conditions

  • The sender’s Balance for Gifting a Recharge should be minimum Rs. 12 at the time of transfer
  • If balance is not sufficient, the transfer will be declined.
  • Reversals will not be allowed
  • The system will recognize “GIFT” or “gift” or “Gift”


What are the types of accounting applications available? How to choose the best available solution?

Online accounting software are basically categorized based on the modules they have and the businesses they serve.

Some of the different modules present on the online accounting and bookkeeping platforms are:

  • Managing household budgets and expenses
  • Billing/Invoice processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions
  • Tax transactions
  • Stock/Inventory management
  • Integrated management information management
Choosing best online accounting software!

How to choose the best available online accounting solution?

Using any one or combination of the multiple modules, the software serves businesses of different types:

  1. Personal Accounting Software

Personal Accounting Software is useful to update and monitor all your household income and expenditures, like bank accounts details, expenses, budgets and other household income and expenditure

  1. Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software are easy-to-use as less accounting and bookkeeping knowledge is enough. They are mostly used for performing basic functions like managing and reporting details on income and expenses of sales, receipts, payments and purchases. Only basic modules will be present like invoice processing, accounts receivable and accounts payable transaction, etc

  1. Medium Business Accounting Software

Medium-sized businesses will require professional level financial management solutions to meet growing financial, operational, and acceptance requirements. Therefore the accounting software will meet the needs accordingly with the modules present and will have the feature to expand itself with the business operations

  1. Large Corporation Business Accounting Software

Enterprise accounting software meets complex needs. It will offer a complete accounting system that has the option of integrating your accounting and bookkeeping processes with the rest of your business functions. It should allow multiple users from different departments access the system. It helps you in Compliance management and make sure the standards are met.

Based on the requirement of the modules and the size of your business, you need to choose your online business accounting software.

What is the one you are using and why you chose it? Share your thoughts and ideas!

Tata Docomo – Pay by Mobile balance – Not available

If you are recharging your Tata Docomo Mobile number using their website, you have an option to Pay the recharge by Mobile balance. Pay by Mobile balance option helps to be able to buy a special recharge online without using your credit/debit card or net banking account.

I have posted on getting FREE 500 MB Data from Tata Docomo and pay using balance was the option explained.

Please note that this option is not available to all recharge denominations. It is not working specifically for the denominations mentioned in the post Rs. 71, Rs. 79 and Rs. 171.


Is there a connection?

Tata Docomo FREE* 500 MB Data Valid for 30 Days!

Tata Docomo provides with various options for your TalkTime, Data, and Juice Up packs with bundled packs too.

There are 2 best recharges available:

  1. Get FREE 500 MB Data with 30 Days Validity
  2. Get 250 MB of 2G Data with 15 Days Validity for Rs. 10


Tata Docomo Free 500 MB Data valid for 30 Days

Tata Docomo Free Data

How To Get?

Note that this works if you

  • already have at least Rs. 171 balance on your Docomo Prepaid.
  • recharge using Docomo Online Recharge option
  • TamilNadu Numbers have been checked

Here’s how you can get it:

  1. Go to Docomo Online Recharge page
  2. Select Location(State), Enter Your Mobile Number and continue
  3. Choose the ‘special recharge’ packs option
  4. Almost at the bottom of the page, choose the ‘171’ option and click ‘Submit’. Note that there will be 2 scroll bars on the right.
  5.  Docomo-Free-500MB
  6. Choose Pay By Your Current Mobile Balance, if you already have Rs. 171 or more main account balance.
  7. A verification code will be sent to Mobile Number for which you opted to Recharge.
  8. Enter the verification code received on your Mobile Number and it is done.
    You will get back Rs. 171 main account balance and  FREE 500 MB Data with 30 Days Validity

No need to worry if you don’t have enough balance. You can just choose to Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking Facility to continue with Payment and get the same benefits.

Similarly, you can choose ’71’ option to Get 250 MB of 2G Data with 15 Days Validity for Rs. 10 OR Get 600 MB of 2G Data with 7 Days Validity for Rs. 37(if you really need it)

The above 3 options are for TamilNadu Prepaid Tata Docomo Users. It differs with different States, For Example:

For AndhraPradesh

  • Get Free 2 GB of 2G Data – 60 Days
  • Get 750 MB of 2G Data with 30 Days Validity for Rs. 27.50
  • Get 1 GB of 2G Data with 30 Days Validity for Rs. 53

Check similarly on the website at the bottom for other States.

Hope you gained through this. Do you have any questions?

Check Latest Docomo USSD CodesHow to check Docomo Prepaid balance India

Feel free to post your questions/feedback as comments below.

Website Design tip

When I see a message from a website when trying to close that asks you to stay, I become more cautious on the website(at least for visiting again). This doesn’t make me stay definitely. Moreover, it makes me stay away from visiting the website again.


Above is a recent experience, when I tried to go off a website, it gave me this message to STAY. Don’t you become wary to go to the website again?

Website Design tip: A good advice for businesses while creating their website is to avoid these kind of options to make people stay in your page.

It might not be SPAM but makes me a bit cautious!

Share your thoughts and experiences as comments below.